Ch. 58. Demanding and Alluring

She sighed at the rant of the healer.  How could she know?  For all she knew, she was the first, whatever first the healer was talking about anyway. It was better to be safe than sorry. Not that the rant actually made much sense to her… natural aura, vibrations, ethereal conjurations? The only thing that made sense was ‘suspended in water’. Everyone knew basic biology.  Many species, Zoneloger included, contained a majority of water in their cells. The healer said it was fine, no matter the physiology, and it seemed to be some kind of nausea prevention.

Not wanting to be sick and taking the healer at his word that it was safe, she took and drank the potion.  It tasted weird, unlike anything she had tasted before, but she drank all of it.

She then set about changing into the clothes provided, not so much worrying about the decorum of getting changed in front of others, rather seeing it as a non-issue.

Having time to settle and organise her mind while getting changed, she had some questions, but first the Doctor did ask his question first. “Y’lanna Sparti” she replied before adding some questions of her own.

“Since I’ve answered yours, it’s about time someone answered mine. I was flying my spaceship into the Spatial Vortex Anomaly near the Cerebral Moon and suddenly I find myself with my spaceship broken into parts and me floating in the water.  What happened? Where are we? And what is going on with these ships? Wood? As a construction material?  Where are we? The dark ages?”

And with that she took a deep breath.  She wasn’t angry per se, just demanding, but even so with her dressed in suitable clothes and her demanding of answers, there was something about her — something that no one could really pin down, but it was there none the less. She was attractive, even though she was purple and strange there was an undefinable allure about her.

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