Ch. 55. Looking Curiously

That was pretty much all that Ionas needed to know, the card. Something dangerous and magically enchanted that needed the attention of the High Magus of The Grand Navigators. That was far beyond his list of skill sets, so he was happy enough to leave that to Lafitte, Peino and Peino’s brother’s capable hands. Not to mention the fact that he was simply the lookout and had no real pull.

There was also the pondering going on in the back of his mind, this strange wooden carving. There was something more to it.  He was sure it was somehow responsible for the bad weather that had allowed the dragon to sneak up on them, but was it magical? Probably not.  Why would it be plastered on the main mast if it’s there to magically attract or spawn howling squalls?

There was something more to it, something that he was sure was related somehow to ships and sailing, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. It was annoying, it was there on the tip of his mind so to speak, but it was just a bit too far out of reach.

There wasn’t any point for now trying to wrestle the idea from his mind.  He had a lead.  He’d go and see the Guardians and see if they would allow him to talk with the pirate captain. There was only one thing that was left to do.

“If you would excuse me, Captain Starhand, Sir, Gentlemen, Ladies. I’ve some matters that need my attention.” he excused himself with a bow to both captains and other ships officers and was ready to leave, but not without finishing his glass, unless of course someone wanted to say something to him before he left, but that was up to them this time to interject in the process of leaving.

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