Ch. 53. Strange Medicines

“Wooden ships?” Y’lanna mumbled as she made her way towards the ship infirmary.

Doctors acted like doctors anywhere, appropriate physical examinations, appropriate decorum for sensitive matters and a clear understanding that they know what’s best for their patient, even though the biology may be extremely different to what the Doctor was used to.

Y’lanna started to feel much better, especially with the aid of the cleansing spell of the strange physician. It felt as if she received a nanite dermabrasion treatment, a completely clean feeling, no dead skin cells, no dirt or muck, everything just seemingly perfectly clean.

She didn’t really know how to take the potion.  Oh she knew she was meant to drink it but even if it was some form of medicine how could it affect her in the same way as whatever these were She looked oddly at the doctor.

“Take some strange medicine? Are you sure? How can I be certain it’s compatible with Zoneloger physiology?”

It was possible that it was safe for her as well, but taking medicine from any non-Zoneloger source was always a risk. Zonelogers had significantly different biology than many other species, after all there were the only un-gendered species that she knew of. She just had to make sure that whatever this is was it wouldn’t cause some strange and unexpected reactions.

Of course she’d get to the clothes in time, and change out of the wet jumpsuit she had on, made of something that could be most accurately described as like leather or Vinyl but actually neither. Dry clothes, even clothes that looked as odd as those that were offered to her, were very much welcome. However, before she started to deal with that, she had to deal with what was immediately before her.  Then, perhaps, she could probe her strange hosts for more information. Was she in some kind of holographic simulation? How could she be?  She had flown into the SVA, for crying out loud. Unless, of course, that somehow she ended up waking up in one that day.

This not knowing was just a complete headache, and soon it was going to have to be the time for finding out just what’s going on, and then work out what to do next.

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