Ch. 48. Acing the Test

At the Alderman’s…

Peino was quite right, he would have to ask the guardians but at least he was able to confirm and be certain about what he already suspected.  Even more to the point, Peino separated himself from the decision of the guardians.  Not only accurate but also shrewd, it suggested that he wasn’t interested in what happened to the Spriggan Captain, which could be true but was neither here nor there.

“Thank you, Captain Starhand. I shall check with them.”

There was something odd about Starhand, though, and his pouring of a glass of mead when it wasn’t proper to do so according to the rules of the social etiquette game. There was something about the glances that Captain Starhand, however subtle, gave to his officers and their ironic smiles that said he knew exactly what he was doing and that it was for a reason.

He stood there for a moment in silent confusion as he worked out why Peino made the offer.  It must have been a test; that’s the only thing that made sense. Peino was known to be the personification of politeness unless someone had done something to earn his ire enough to be purposefully rude to them.

So having determined this to be a test, the question now was how to answer it? He could accept or reject the offer, or alternatively reveal that he knew this was a test. That seemed to be a bit too rude, but he didn’t want to hide who he was or the truth, either. This resulted in only one real option for the selkie.

“Thank you, once again, Captain Starhand. If there is anything that you wish to ask me or something you are curious about, then please feel free to ask.”

That should communicate that he knew it was a test to see how he would respond but also give him an answer as Ionas. In addition to the fact that Captain Peino Starhand, Sovereign Prince of The Grand Navigators, was someone he admired and also somewhat of a personal hero to Ionas, but also Ionas appreciated the tact and the sensitivity that Peino applied to his curiosity about Ionas.

He followed up his statement by putting it into practice, picking up the glass offered and taking a drink out of it, leaving half behind. He’d finish the rest later when he didn’t have a point to make, but this allowed him the chance to take a decent look for the first time at the card. It looked like, at least to the normal person, a standard playing card except of course the creature represented upon it, but there were a few other things far more subtle things, like the precise shade of red wasn’t the same as those normally used.  It was a deeper more blood like as well as a few other visual cues but he had already interrupted enough.

He looked to his captain to see what Lafitte was going to get him to do now.

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