Ch. 46. Cold, Wet and Fabulous

She was cold, she was disorientated, she was confused and she found herself in a rather unusual situation; One moment Y’lanna Sparti was in her spaceship fleeing, the next she found herself floating in debris in the water. All she wanted was to be warm and dry, the Spatial vortex anomaly and the crash into the water had taken a lot out of her. She was glad that she was now out of that cold water and had a chance to get, that people weren’t shooting at her and that no one was shouting but apart from that it seemed she was in her own world disconnected from the physical apart from her presence in it and following any leading force.

She didn’t understand anything that the captain said, until he put the locket around her neck and asked “Can you understand me?” This somehow seemed to reach her and pull her back to the real world at least somewhat. “Huh, oh, yeah…. Yeah I can hear you.” She responded as she looked at the captain, his ship and the world they were on. “You’re not a Zoneloger..” she said stating a fact that was blatantly obvious and didn’t really need to be said. “Where am I?”She asked seeming to finally grasp that strange things were happening and that she didn’t recognise any of it.

She could feel the locket around her neck, this merely seemed to just add to the confusion. “What’s going on?” She finally asked in the midst of a strange and foreign setting that was perhaps the only thing she could ask to get things for once actually sorted about in her mind. Yet still in her jumpsuit there was something perculiarly attractive about the girl from a place of technological advancement stuck in a technologically primitive yet magically advanced society.

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