Ch. 42. Answering the Ultimate Question

Ionas looked out at his captain and the captain’s entourage meeting with the entourage of Captain Peino Starhand and the Selkie himself. He could only shake his head at Lafitte as he saw the rather rude introduction which drew the warranted ire of Peino. The man had no understanding of the subtleties of the rigorous game of social niceties that pervaded the Selkie noble classes.  Ionas did, but for the most part excluding those that had earned his respect or those who had the authority to warrant it, he didn’t play it.

The threatened reaction that Peino had was unremarkable in that it was entirely expected but the playing card, which he wasn’t able to get a proper look at (even Ionas could not see through masses of people), was. It was with the placing of the card on the table that the harshness in Peino’s response to Lafitte faded, which relieved Ionas greatly, as a fight between his captain and Starhand was something that he didn’t want to see. Not only because Peino would most likely beat him but, well, it would significantly put a dampener on any future positive dealings with the Sovereign Prince.

What happened next was intriguing.  It seemed Starhand’s wizard cast some sort of spell over the card. What kind of enchantment was on the card that would result in a further spell being cast? This card had to be the reason for their sudden stop but, well, there was still a lot that not only he didn’t understand or see.  But there was something else that plagued his mind. The more he thought about it, the more he realised that there was something not right about that carved wooden idol. He couldn’t help but think he should know what it was but no, it eluded him. He decided that he needed answers and the only way to get them was to ask questions.

Ionas stepped down from the landing and made his way towards the group, this was going to be interesting explaining to both captains why he was there.

“Sir, Captain Starhand.” he bowed to both his captain and Peino, “I take it the Spriggan Captain is in prison?”

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