Ch. 39. Things aren’t looking good for our Heroes!

On the list of things Lafitte was expecting, swords to the backs and throats of his crew wasn’t exactly on the top. Then again, it wasn’t exactly on the bottom either. Touchy snobs, he thought.

“Well, friendly bunch, ain’t ya?” he said, a slight raise of his hand signaling the assassin beside him to stand down. Beau seemed to fidget a fraction, but otherwise obeyed. Lafitte wasn’t sure he’d bet on the man at such long odds, but he’d also learned long ago never to underestimate a trained Guilds assassin.

Taking a moment to glance what he hoped was a reassuring look to Tayliana, he continued, “My intention was not rudeness, I assure you, but pragmatism I‘d had in mind. I merely assumed that you wouldn’t wish to make a spectacle of its arrival…” Lafitte then took a measure of the room around him, a good six of them had their blades drawn on them, and he could just make out the guards waiting for orders not far away, “…but it would appear I’m incorrect in that assumption,” he said with something that was halfway between a friendly smile and an amused sneer.

Lafitte took a drag on his cigarette, and pulled the card fully out of his pocket, throwing it on the table. “Here, you can take the damned thing, it’s revolting to me,” he said. “I’ll have you know, there’s something evil about it, and I’d sooner see it destroyed.” Lafitte briefly saw Beau’s eyes go wide and his mouth go agape at that statement, but there wasn’t time to ponder on it, and he merely raised an eyebrow at the assassin.

He did pause for a moment at the lack of energies pulsating from the paper card.  Like the Dragon, it seemed to consider the scene around it too much of a danger to radiate its presence. For such a repository of raw power, it seemed to be a cowardly thing. No matter, he thought.

“I sought you out, my liege,” putting emphasis on the final words for effect, along with as much of an exaggerated bow as one could do with just the head and with a sword to the throat, “because you would seem to be the foremost authority within reach on them, and being that they appear to be a bit of a set, I’d sooner not see more of them fall into the hands of the Spriggans, it being my current occupation to protect the seas from their wretched lot.” Lafitte then very casually and very meticulously took a long drag on the cigarette, and put it out beneath his boot heel.

Being a man of the law, or at least as much as his reputation would suggest, Lafitte figured Peino wouldn’t be the type to slit his throat then and there. At the very least he’d get the option of a duel, Lafitte would guess, but one couldn’t ever be too sure.  Blue bloods were a touchy bunch…


About Maurepas

I'm Charlie, aka, Maurepas, I write with Mura and Avayu in various RPs in Nationstates. I enjoy writing things, and the writing I do with them. I'm currently attempting to attend college, in pursuit of a Teaching Degree in History.
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