Ch. 37. A Captain, the first mate and a wizard walk into a bar…

They’d arrived at Kledy, there was numerous things that always had to be done, The Marsh King’s Daughter was in port as Ionas had expected, but what he didn’t expect was the announcement that the Captain would be taking no cut from the booty, which Ionas thought was extremely weird as the loot was the only reason that Ionas could think of for why they were in port already.

Why wouldn’t the captain want a share in the booty? There must be some other reason, but there was none that he could think of. The Captain did seem rather distracted, though, as if there was something burning a hole in his pockets. It was something that others didn’t seem to notice, but Ionas did, either way. He wasn’t going to be helpful in the heavy lifting work getting the loot from the hold but this carved wooden statue, he needed to know more about it.  Also it was an excuse to get off the ship and keep an eye on the captain something.  Certainly seemed odd about what he’d been doing the last few hours, ever since that battle with the pirates and the Dragon.

This was his chance to find out what really was going on, and that was one of the reasons he signed up to the Calinda> in the first place. The first mate and the ship’s wizard had been summoned to the captain. That was Ionas’ signal.  He had made his way down the rigging and set off on foot after the three of them. He was able to catch up with them while they were engaging in conversation with a local and followed them at distance into a bar.

Thanks to his eyesight, Ionas would be able to keep a safe distance and not attract the attention of those that he was following. Few others are as attentive as he.  Once he arrived at the door, he tried to find somewhere slightly elevated so he could have a better angle to view what was going to happen between Peino and the captain, though not so high to draw attention to himself.

There was a short set of stairs leading to a landing that led to a corridor with rooms coming off of it where travellers could stay. He wasn’t a traveller but the landing would do just fine to give him a better angle to look at things from.

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