Ch. 35. Out of the Spaceship and into the Spatial Vortex Anomaly

*Meanwhile in a totally different reality*

Y’lanna Sparti pushed her spaceship to full throttle as she escaped the atmosphere of what was legally defined as her home – The Cerebral Moon. It was a massive scientific enclave with some rather relaxed laws about what was permitted and what wasn’t.  For instance, indentured servitude was not only allowed but widely practiced. It was for this particular reason that Y’lanna was fleeing.

Y’lanna was female as far as looks went, mammary glands in the proper place and general features that would be feminine on a human but technically she wasn’t a she, in that there are no he/she constructs for the Zoneloger race which Y’lanna belonged to, for there was no such thing as gender. However, in most practical terms (without getting bogged down on the biological side of things) Y’lanna was a female and, what was more than that, a female indentured slave fleeing and looking for a new life.

As a young girl barely 140 years of age, the equivalent for a human about 20 years old, Y’lanna had entered into a bad business arrangement and things went south.  She’d had to sell herself so she could pay off her debts but, well, let’s just say with the application of lawyers and false accusations, what should have been over 10 years ago was still going strong with no end in sight. So now at 187 years of age, Y’lanna, getting desperate to escape the humiliation and something that seemed would go on forever, started to hatch a plan to escape stealing one of her owners spacecraft and fleeing off-world.

The first part of the plan had gone flawlessly.  She had escaped, got her hands on the spacecraft and flown away. The second part of plan, now that was the tricky bit. The planet was orbited by a number of Cerebral Moon Military Cruisers (or CMMC for short), and they would soon be receiving a message that the vessel she was piloting was stolen. Officially an act of piracy, even though it was stolen on the ground, which meant they would fire and, if she was caught, any damage to the vessel would be converted into years and added to her sentence as an indentured slave.

If she couldn’t escape normally from the CMMC, then there was one last option — the Spatial Vortex Anomaly (SVA). It looked like a space tornado yet any reasonable attempts to identify it had failed as either the survey ships got caught within it, never to be seen or heard of again, or simply no readings could be taken as it seemed to be sucking in energy and space around it yet failing to emit any form of radiation itself.

The SVA could take you somewhere else or…. simply cause your component molecules to no longer exist, and that was why it was a last ditch, reserve, worst-case back-up.

“This is CMMC Virtuous you have committed an act of piracy, heave to and ready to be boarded or you will destroyed.”

There we go.  At this point there was no chance she would make it out to the jump point in time. There was only one option that remained, and that was the SVA. Y’lanna managed to change her course.  The CMMC Virtuous was still coming up fast but she managed to get close enough to the SVA for the warship to hold off on its pursuit. She continued heading in.  The space tornado seemed to grow as it soon encompassed Y’lanna’s small and relatively fragile ship. Artificial gravity was soon overpowered by the centrifugal force of the craft spinning around. She was getting extremely dizzy and disorientated, loosing track of whatever readings the ship was displaying.

Things started to get even worse as it seemed the ship itself began to fall apart around her. She suddenly felt wet as if water was suddenly all around her, yet she could still breath. Moments later she found herself bobbing along in what must have been ocean water somewhere on a planet. She didn’t know what happened but it seemed at least that the SVA had taken Y’lanna to somewhere far from the Cerebral Moon — but what she didn’t know was just how far away from home she truly was.

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