Ch. 31. Sighting Kledy

Ionas had been working on getting the replacement sail up as the Calinda hit the water. He was quite exposed, a misstep or sudden loss of balance could result in a dangerous fall down to the decks below.

Even though both hands were being used to work with the sail, Ionas had leaned upon some of the rigging to support his relatively meagre weight. However, as the Calinda hit the water instincts took over, he managed to keep his balance long enough to lock himself up in among the rigging. It meant that the sail came a bit loose and would have to be re-taken up, but at least he managed to keep himself up among the ropes.

Ionas had to get himself up again and finish, he had only a couple more places that he had to tie the sail to, once he had done that the sail would be up and complete, and the Calinda ready to act like a traditional sail boat, though a rather odd looking one.

Out of the skies, Rocs and Dragons were no longer a problem, but there were still traditional sail things to worry about, fellow ships of the seas, whether they be pirates or vessels such as The Marsh King’s Daughter.  It was just on a simpler two dimensional plane.  Though normal ships would have a higher crow’s nest, it didn’t really matter.  Ionas was used to the peculiarities of the Calinda, and he would most certainly able to get the job done.

The likelihood of seeing pirates or anything of interest this close to Kledy was practically zero, considering they’d already met pirates and a prince. Even so, Ionas had a job to do, and he performed it well, though there wasn’t anything for him to spy until they arrived at Kledy and sailed into the docks.

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