Ch. 23. Following his Eyes

“Yes, Captain?” Ionas responded as he poked his head out over the rigging wondering what Lafitte wanted.

The request was weird, what did the captain want with Soveriegn Prince and Captain Peino Starhand that he didn’t resolve then and there aboard the Reputation? Was there something untoward about it? Ionas had no idea, yet an order was an order, and so Ionas once again cast his eyes out. There were clear remnants of the boat’s wake, and he followed it and yes, he saw it but even he could barely see it thanks to the combination of fog and distance.

After a quick checking of his compass Ionas responded, “They’re headed 10 degrees north of Northwest… looks like they’re headed to Kledy.”

Kledy was known to the crew, as it was within their patrolling area and barely a three-hour journey with some enchanted fast winds pushing them along, so neither was it that far.

“Probably to repair.  Their ship did sustain some damage in the fight.” he added, if there was anything that he knew it was ships.  He had grown up as the son of a noble running a ship-building operation so he had managed to learn quite a bit about them. It didn’t look like Starhand’s ship received anything major, but any decent captain would take care of their ship and repair it as their first priority after battle. There were exceptions of course, like something extremely urgent and important, that took priority over repairs but the only thing Ionas could think of was things that might happen during wartime and for now, at least, there was no war.

So for now Ionas returned to his task of watching out for Rocs and Dragons. While he did so, he couldn’t help but think upon the many things about La Danse Calinda and his crewing of it that had been said. They were wrong.  With a decent lookout (such as himself) and the right tactics to avoid either notice or targeting by the creatures, then it was actually quite safe, perhaps even more so than traditional sailing as you didn’t have to worry about pirates if you didn’t want to.

Also, it provided a unique way to experience and perceive the world, something that traditional sailing, even at the height of the traditional crow’s nest could never come close too. This was why he had wanted to sign up and join the crew in the first place, to have new and exciting experiences, and so far that was exactly what he had done. He might not agree with or even understand his captain or the first mate at times, especially of recent note the way he dealt with Starhand but that is in the end only minor when it comes to the glories of the world of Aeldreth.

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