Ch. 19. Taking Sight

It was a bit disappointing for Ionas that they couldn’t work properly with the crew of The Marsh King’s Daughter, if only for the respect that he had for their captain. Though knowing his own captain, there was practically no chance of that happening. Considering where he was now, Ionas found himself in the position that he would be expected to participate in the looting. He sighed, he wasn’t all that strong and so couldn’t carry much but perhaps his eyes could see something that was worth taking that others might not notice.  Whether he could do that or not he didn’t know.  He hadn’t had the chance to cast an appraising eye over the ship.

“Captain Starhand, I’m afraid I now have a task which I must contribute to.  It was good to meet you, but now I must say farewell.” He bowed in the same manner as he greeted the Sovereign Prince and Captain, before simply nodding his head at his own captain, saying “Captain,” and turning to leave and cast his eye around.

Ionas started with the Castle deck and moved forward, glimpsing things through the otherwise hectic process of looting everything that wasn’t and in some cases was, locked down. He did glimpse a number of opportunities, but someone had already claimed them by the time he managed to get near, and, well, those that were did were by far more muscular than Ionas who wouldn’t have had much of a chance.

The stuff on deck seemed a bit of a bust, but fortunately as a lookout, Ionas was more three-dimensionally aware than the majority of sailors, especially sailors from. The Marsh King’s Daughter.  He spotted something, a curiously carved item that was attached to one of the masts. It had to be worth something but what — well, that was the question. Ionas wasn’t a woodworker or an artisan of any type and neither was he a valuer, so he couldn’t determine its value, just that it was worth the effort to grab whatever it turned out to be.

Ionas deflty darted up the rigging, nimbly making his way up and across to the mast, after working on the carving a bit he managed to get it loose from the mast and as a result got it free from its attachment, but that was all the time he had. The Spriggan vessel was getting dangerously close to sinking, and so that meant it was getting close to the time when the Calinda should take off, which in itself required Ionas to be up in the rigging in his make shift “crows-nest.”

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