Ch. 16. Charting a Captainly Course

“We were just at the right place at the time, Captain Starhand, but it will be a pleasure to accompany you and take you to my Captain.”

There was a lot swirling through Ionas mind.  The tremendous respect that he had for the Selkie he was addressing meant that this was one of the few times that he followed proper protocol. Normally it just didn’t seem important, wranglings of the social status between two individuals, and that was something that Ionas just didn’t care about.

Then there was the courtesy that Starhand had directed at him, not only giving blessing his eye by the two gods but also not asking the question. The same question that had been asked ever since he had decided to work for Lafitte, first by his parents and then by practically everyone who found out that he worked on this “insane death-trap of a contraption sailing directly into a Dragon’s mouth.”  Seeing that he didn’t ask the question or even comment about it only set about to firm the impression that Ionas had about him.

The final point whirling through Ionas’ mind was the Spriggans, it was a pity but force was the only language they seemed to understand and that such a display of humiliation of the Spriggan captain was necessary to try to get a new concept through to them, mainly that it was a bad idea to engage in piracy. However Spriggan’s skulls were thick in a literal sense as well as a metaphorical sense and so not only would there be no permanent damage but even with such a humiliation handed to the captain, and as a result his crew, the concept that it was a bad idea to engage in piracy may not get through after all.

Soon enough, they had arrived to the castle deck, and Captain Jean Lafitte wasn’t far ahead. Both the Prince and the lookout made their way through those that were around and soon a direct view of the captain opened up.  Taking those last few steps towards Lafitte, Ionas was ready to start to introduce, officially anyway, Captain Pieno Starhand Ereonis to Captain Jean Lafitte; however, it wasn’t needed as Ionas’ captain made the formal introduction himself.  For an Eorman it wasn’t bad, but it could have been better, especially as Lafitte kept his hands near his swords as if he was ready to be betrayed.

Ionas didn’t say anything but instead just looked at the body of the spriggan wizard laying in a pool of blood clearly visible (at least for Ionas) behind Captain Lafitte.

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