Ch. 13. Lookout for the Prince

Having completely run out of daggers Ionas, could only resort to looking on to the fight.  He quickly saw the captain take down the Spriggan wizard and then looked and saw Peino Starhand Ereonis take on the Spriggan captain and force their foes’ surrender.

Starhand was in many ways Ionas’ hero.  He had seen and done many things.  He took his ship wherever he wanted to. It was something that Ionas had dreamed to do for the longest time, that he would be able to follow in Starhand’s footsteps. Unfortunately for the selkie, as the son of only a minor noble he didn’t have the opportunities that Starhand had, but more importantly he was only a piece of straw compared to his hero’s physicality. He neither had the strength nor the fortitude, also while he could easily identify the constellations of the night sky, he hadn’t yet worked out what they meant in terms of sailing, but then again he hadn’t been on any kind of voyage on any kind of ship until he had joined with the crew.

Despite these musings, Ionas started to quickly and deftly make his way down from the airship’s rigging onto the deck below. This was his chance to meet someone he had a great respect and interest for and in, but he also had to retrieve his daggers. Furthermore, at this altitude they would be safe from Dragons and Rocs. Their hunting methods meant that this close to the ground or water, they wouldn’t be able to pull up from their attacking dive in time to prevent  them from hitting the water.

The last of the Spriggans had dropped their arms on the ground and surrendered to their closest opponent. Which meant it was now safe for Ionas to go and gather up his throwing daggers. It just so happened, mostly through a carefully chosen path, that as he collected his last dagger he was just barely a few feet away from the Prince and Captain, Peino Starhand.

The Selkie bowed to the Prince as was customary, at the hip with a small hand flourish and arms being splayed back with palms open and facing towards Starhand. “Sovreign Prince Starhand, It is an honour to have seen you today. I’m Ionas Farseer of the house Ymuin, Lookout aboard La Danse Calinda. Our Captain was by the Castle deck the last time I saw him dealing with the pirate’s wizard.”

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