Ch. 8. Battle Notes

The nod that the captain gave was enough for Ionas to turn his attention to other things, primarily his personal journal. There was enough time between the sighting and when they’d be within battle range for some additions to be added to his personal ship log – a record of the ships that he has seen, where, when and what they were doing.

He fetched a squib of ink from a small cushioned container stowed away securely up here in the crow’s nest and slotted it into the mix of the metal nib and wooden slot that made up his fountain pen. He scratched the name of the ship, some details about their location, the time of day, as well as adding in the notes that they were under attack by some strange monster and some Spriggan pirates well.

He noted the Spriggan pirates as a separate entry but gave a fair amount less detail in this entry than the previous one as it was referring to the same event, and it was in most cases hard to identify the Spriggan pirates beyond class of ship, which of course Ionas could easily do. Having a quick visual run over of this page of the book, he was reminded of some of the recent engagements with Spriggan pirates and smiled.

Finally having completed his note-taking he grabbed his pair of tweezers from the same case as the squibs and removed the used squib from it’s place and discarded it’s wrapping before placing a cap over the top of the pen to seal the ink side and make it ready for further writing later on. With the time, now quickly diminishing, remaining he checked over his body making sure he had his daggers on him as well as performing a quick survey for anything else he could throw if required, but there was little up there in the crows nest that wasn’t already tightly secured as to the nature of the rolling of the vessel that the winds may cause.

There Ionas was,  standing in the ‘crows nest’ and waiting for those last few seconds to elapse until the battle would start, he was ready and from what he could see, so were his crew mates.

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