Ch. 5. Eyeing the Storm

Crow’s Nest, La Danse Calinda

Ionas Farseer relished being in the wind and the rain of the storm.  He was soaked, drenched from head to toe, but he didn’t care.  He just enjoyed how it all felt upon his skin. Above all the sound of the storm, you could hear a constant almost drum-like rhythm emanating from the sharp elven face. Not so much to reduce the wind but to help control it’s gusts just to give the airship that bit extra  control in it’s maneuvering.

That, however, wasn’t the only thing the elf was doing. He was also performing his main task. Even as an elf he always had extremely excellent eye sight, and that was why he was up in the crows nest — he was a lookout. He looked out for Dragons, Rocs and vessels of all kinds on the sea below them.  In fact he was so at his task looking outward that he didn’t see the boat directly below them, but that was soon rectified as the orders came in to reduce altitude on the boat.

He looked down through the clouds, the wind and rain and clearly saw the vessel below them being attacked by some strange creature. This was all part of the reason this Farseer had sought employment on one the strangest and perhaps the single craziest thing in all of Aeldreth, to see and experience new things. As he kept his gaze below, his eyes picked up certain clues… the blue of the sail,  medium-sloop of around 180 feet in length, the white crane for the figurehead. It had to be the The Marsh King’s Daughter personal vessel of Peino Starhand, Sovereign Prince of the Duchy of the Grand Navigators with a Visiting Card as long as your arm, that is if all that was written on it was in normal sized writing.

Something else he noted, that others probably didn’t was a Spriggan vessel approaching the already engaged royal vessel from their bow.

“Captain, That’s The Marsh King’s Daughter, personal vessel of Peino Starhand, Sovereign Prince of the Grand Navigators, and there’s also a Spriggan vessel coming up fast on their stern.” Ionas yelled as loud as he could, trying to be heard over all the other sounds that were starting to assault the ears of his crewmates.

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